The Science

The Innate Biologics Platform is based on engineered fusion proteins containing multiple domains. The combining of targeting/homing sequences and protein transduction domains (PTD) with the effector domains in a fusion protein is a general strategy for directing anti-inflammatory proteins to specific organs, tissues and body compartments.

Innate Biologics has pioneered a novel method to specifically target, at the molecular level, the innate intracellular inflammatory process

The innate immune system is the first line of defense against infection it has a negative effect on many bodily functions causing and exacerbating disease when ectopically activated or sustained

The Innate Biologics platform is composed of naturally-occurring, bacterial anti-inflammatory effector proteins, which have been re-engineered and re-purposed using protein transduction and tissue–specific targeting modules to create highly specific, cell and tissue-targeted anti-inflammatory activities

A Fusion of Science and Nature

“We were struck by the incredible specificity, potency and selectivity of the platform of bacterial effector proteins and we augmented this naturally occurring platform for NF-kappB inhibition using proprietary protein engineering approaches developed by Innate Biologics, LLC in collaboration with This Wistar Institute.”
– Frank J. Rauscher, III, Ph.D.

The Science Behind the Proprietary Protein Platform:

We have re-engineered and re-purposed effector proteins as drugs to deliver to sites of inflammation.

of Americans are diagnosed with some form of joint-related arthritis illnesses
million people are affected by asthma in the United States.
of young adults aged 12-25 are affected by acne.
million Americans (20% of the population) suffer from auto-immune diseases.

Peter Mondics

CEO, Innate Biologics, LLC.

“We see a large opportunity in both cosmeceutical and therapeutic markets to target the specific molecular pathways that cause inflammation, moving beyond today’s non-targeted approaches. Innate Biologics, LLC is well along advancing the development of our proprietary approaches and intends to commercialize in cosmeceutical, pharmaceutical and direct-to-consumer marketing channels.”

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